About Us

We at Violet InfoSystems Private Limited, are a team of 100 + dedicated professionals striving hard to develop smart & intuitive solutions to streamline & facilitate data intensive processes like learning, assessment, training, sales & support through our robust and versatile software applications.

With over a decade of experience, we have been the choice of 100+ organizations having trusted us for being their I.T. & Technical solutions partner.

Our client-first approach allows us to build long & enriching partnerships, as we develop applications which are not restricted by changes in accessibility, the latest technologies and can be customized to sustain the current and future needs of the clients.

Violet Infosystems Private Limited has consulted & delivered solutions to businesses of many verticals such as Pharma, Publishing, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Automobiles, Logistics, Media, and Telecom industries.

Say Hello to our Management Team

Gunjan Gupta

Founder & Director

Rhea Gupta

CO - Founder & Director

"Empowering workplaces worldwide with seamless, tech-driven experiences, fostering innovation and positive change for all."

"Our mission is to leverage technology to empower and enhance the employee experience, striving to connect and impact the lives of 1 million users worldwide. Through innovation and a customer-centric approach, we aim to revolutionize the way organizations manage their workforce, fostering productivity, growth, and overall success."

Cutting Customers First: Our customers always come first. We work hard to meet their needs with great products and top-notch support.

Innovation for Everyone: We use technology to make things better and easier for employees. We always look for new and creative ways to improve.

Top Quality: We promise to provide products and services that are strong, flexible, and easy to use. We want our customers to get the best.

Learning and Growing Together: We believe in learning new things and improving our skills. We encourage our team and our customers to keep learning and growing.

Making Things Simple: We aim to make the employee journey easy and efficient by using our platform.

Teamwork and Independence: We create a place where teams can work together and also have the freedom to make their own decisions.

Making a Big Difference: We want to make a positive change in people's work lives. We strive to help employees grow personally and professionally.