Learning Experience Platform

Set personalised learning goals/ Managing workforce through Learning & Development

The working of LXPs broadly differs from that of LMS that typically schedules or handles registration. With multiple attributes, LXPs allows user to manage their learning goals by setting a personalized portal. It helps individuals to create as well as examine the relevant jobs and skills.

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Why do you need LXP in your Company?

In contrast to an LXP, which resembles Internet and makes it simple for learners to access crucial data, today's modern LMS platforms are better at "learning management" and focus on corporate objectives, regulation and compliance training activities, etc.
By allowing users to evaluate and build user-generated content, an LXP makes it possible for learners to contribute to the pool of content, which is perfect for retaining and sharing knowledge and skills.

Let the LXP’s algorithm provide the recommendations based on the learner's search and preferences
LXP crawls and understands the content itself, creates algorithms, and recommends the training accordingly. It provides learner options, pathways and data apart from the general catalog and library for reference on related topics.
Allow the learner to select the training as per their interests
LXP keeps a watch on learner's preferred training and creates a pool of training for them. The mix of learner's behaviour and preferred learnings makes it a true learner's experience platform.
Provide the right information at the right time in the format that's most useful to your learner
VioletLXP's search engine work by searching the keyword in all the training names, categories, and description to make sure that the learner is benefited from the right result. The most searched keywords are helping the learners to locate the training they might have searched earlier.
Visual Reports makes it effective and help learner to see the progress
A dashboard is a central place where learner goes to see a visualization of their learning data. A dashboard gives them a map of the progress of their goals.

How does it help?

Being an unified portal, LXP provides employees with what they specifically need at right time. LXP enables organisations to manage their workforce by placing an aim at learning and development.

Assists individuals to line up their learning
Enables learning without any restriction to place and time
Helps users to share the content
Aids in keeping a track on learning programs
Creates engagement among learners

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