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The initial days for a new joinee can be crucial but how can it be simplified for both employees and HR? VOnBoard is an Onboarding tool to not just collect data but has several specifications such as automated welcome and introduction emails, Meet and Greet,Networking Spaces, Gamification and many more.

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Why do you need VOnBoard in your Company?

To bring simplification in the process of onboarding that covers pre-joining, day of joining and after day of joining, VOnBoard works as a great enabler. It is also a required because it automates the activities of HR and managers. The importance of VOnBoard is experienced well when the process of onboarding runs swiftly.

Experience Seamless Onboarding with VOnboard!
Our cutting-edge platform simplifies the onboarding journey of new hires. Benefit from intuitive features, including personalized tutorials and seamless integration, ensuring a smooth transition for all users. Elevate your onboarding process today with VOnboard.
Learning & Devolpment

Take a look at top features

A gamified touch to your onboarding journey!
Customise your onboarding journey with gamification with Courses, Assessment, Classroom Trainings, Survey, Forms, Meet and Greet, Networking Spaces, Gamification and much more. Auto assignment of journeys to new joiners with the help of Audience creation and Audience Rule feature.
Drive Performance through Badges, Certificates, Points and Leader board!
Motivate learners to perform better by allocating a badge, customised certificates, and points at different learning engagements. This will make the entire onboarding process fun and creative. Also feature the Top 10 users with highest points on the Leader Board.
Create, Capture, Customise dynamic data easily!
Create various kinds of customised forms which can be used during onboarding such as Welcome Kit, Laptop Allotment, Employee Orientation, Employee Engagement, Probation Assessment, Employee Evaluation and many more. Customise your forms with logo, title, thumbnail, progress bar, message, field validations, language and more.
Communication with the Team and Manager made seamless!
Missing out on crucial communication is always a cause of concern. VOnboard assists in sending important messages and reminders to users through SMS, Email, etc. such as Welcome Email, Introduction to Team Email, Employee Confirmation Email. Set automated communication messages for better user experience.

How does it help?

It helps in keeping track of employees status after joining the organisation
The burden on the HR and managers gets reduced due to automated onboarding procedures
Helps in creating users with different control types
Aids in simplifying the lengthy process of data collection and recording
Ease the task of managers and HR as the product is automated

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