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Looking for quick and easy authoring tool? This platform is designed specifically for author courses that are engaging and simple to use. The variety of templates and themes makes the course stand out and ensure that the content creators can author courses in no time.

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Why do you need VAuthor in your Company?

Today’s world can be much more engaging than what people make it. Why limit and make boring content when you can make it fun? VAuthor can work wonders when it comes to imparting knowledge in an interactive and fun filled manner by offering multiple characteristics.

Learning & Devolpment

Take a look at top features

Structure your course with pre-defined mobile compatible themes and layouts
With VAuthor, mobile learning is made easy with themes and layouts that are compatible in web, mobile and tab for both portrait and landscape mode. Customise your course to create interactive content with the help of various pre-defined themes and layouts.
Have your courses reviewed for approval
Get your content reviewed from multiple reviewers. Experience the state-of-the-art feedback feature to ease feedback sharing process on a live course. Provide feedback in multiple GUI such as web, tab and mobile. Publish only the approved content.
Access Text-to-Speech integrations with translations
We offer more than 30 languages to convert your text to speech quickly along with accuracy. Don’t settle with robotic voices. You have the flexibility to translate your content, pick a voice and even accent for your speech. We have integrated Google Text-to-Speech, Amazon Poly and Google Translate to help you do just that!
Experience gamification within the course with in-built gamified assessments
VAuthor provides a choice to author assessment individually or in combination with course as there as customisations of questions and assessments in the gamified themes. Features like gamified assessment themes to suit the main course theme, assessment scoring with feedback, time-based assessments, randomisation of questions and their options make it a complete package for you!

How does it help?

With suites of VAuthor, each suite has varied range specifications

It enables liberty to attach any video from Youtube or Vimeo for owners as well as anyone else
It helps in duplication of course that has been already been created in the past
To bring the uniformity, it allows displaying of logo throughout the course
Allows users to add content to the courses in a quick and easy way

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