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Make learning simple yet modernised

Violet LMS enables you to keep track of and save information centrally. By enabling the system and its web-based learning, Violet LMS has uniqueness to make it accessible for the individuals with a secure login and password.

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Why do you need LMS in your Company?

LMS is created to simplify tasks for individuals in charge of professional development, such as defining and evaluating organisational objectives, tracking performance toward those goals and reporting the results for learning process supervision. Through branching simulations and situations, or social learning elements like group discussions and collaborative tasks, an LMS gives you the choice to improve engagement.

Give your learner a consolidated view of the training and progress report
VioletLMS provides a quick overview of the training assigned, points achieved, and, progress in a single dashboard. Learners find it easy to navigate and reach to the training material from the quick links available. Learn Anytime-Anywhere allows access to the VioletLMS from the web, Mobile, or tabs.
Structure your training with the Help of the Nested Topic framework
VioletLMS makes it easy for the learners to locate the training with the help of its Topic Structure. This saves learners time finding the training they need, sometimes at short notice. Contribute to an overall good experience.
VioletLMS provides rule-based assignments as soon as the user gets added
With VioletLMS, increase efficiency by taking the advantage of rules. Create the rule once for all and let the rule assign the respective training to the learners as soon as they join your organization. Saves efforts of keeping a track of new joiners and assignments.
Visual Reports makes it effective and help learner to see the progress
A dashboard is a central place where learner goes to see a visualization of their learning data. A dashboard gives them a map of the progress of their goals.

How does it help?

Opting a LMS for an organisation not only saves time and money but altogether it enables smooth process of learning along with training. It also functions as a storage for data without extra overheads. Violet LMS helps in:

Encourages interdisciplinary training
Enables reduction in training cost
Aids better engagement and retention
Time and money saving
Assists in smooth on-boarding

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